Blue Hill Hollow

A Tape Recovered

Evidence Piece 27 from residence of Molly Portley

Message 1: Hey Molly! Its Ann. You called about the decorations we put up on Halloween? We took them all down by the 4th. Thanks for having our back on the lawn covenant reminder.

Message 2: Hi Molly, Ann is out of town right now. She is visiting her aunt in Bangor. I don’t remember having a Scarecrow up this Halloween. You might have just seen me on the ladder putting up the Christmas lights. Since it was the 11th, we had all our spooky stuff down. Talk to you later.

Message 3: Molly! You really should answer your phone. Ron said you called when I was out of town. Also honey, I know you love the decorations we put up in October but that was weeks ago. You should take yours down. Weren’t you the one who reminded us?

Message 4: Miss Portley, this is Bill Hardette. I need to remind you that moving the scarecrow around on your lawn each night does not constitute proper stowing of festive decorations after season. Please move it inside.

Message 5: Miss Portley, Bill Again. Inside did not mean in the window. The bay window being occupied by a scarecrow has cause some false alarms about peeping with the Walthers next door. Please stow the decoration before the 21st.

Message 6: Molly.. Are you ok? Wilma Walthers said she saw you driving away with another person in your car. Someone she didn’t recognize. If its a new boyfriend I would love to meet him! Later you can tell me all the… details hehe.

Message 7: Miss Portley; this is officer Montgomery. We are giving you a phone warning that a search warrant has been approved for your home. Please contact the station and this can be amended. Your lack of answer is being logged as probable cause. Please let us know you are okay.



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