Blue Hill Hollow

Dear James,

I know you must be busy at the start of the new semester, but I thought a letter from Mom wasn’t something you could go too long without. Dad is fine and actually proud that you were “Man enough to tell him off and go after your own will”; whatever that means. He’s happy now even though the fight seemed bad in August.

I hope you tell me all about this new major when you get back. Dendrology was what your Gramps studied! Us Hosters on my side of the family have sap in our blood so they say!

The Harvest festival was more of the quiet and boring stuff I moved back here for. Except for one oddity, I think there were two out-of-towners on Old Cairn near midnight. We don’t normally see leaf-chasers at the festivals, nor out that late. Come to think of it that boy you knew from school was talking to them. Tristan, Trevor… something like that. I was thinking about it for two weeks and oddly I have forgotten his name.

I hope you stay well and find time to write back. See you Christmas; your father hopes to go fishing in Georgia to avoid the cold.

Eliza Burr
A.k.a Mom :)



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