Blue Hill Hollow

Public Safety Report - Oct 8th - Dale Montgomery Lt. - Report 100821

From the Desk of Dale Montgomery. BDG# 234191

This officers written words are sworn to be truth on risk of perjury.

*Thomas Dunlap was found out past curfew on the 7th of October behind Larrabie’s. After being questioned by Detective Fontane he said he was out with friends who had left him to go hang toilet paper on the Apple Tree at Old Cairn. He was returned to his parents and warned of the seriousness of our job. On a personal note; he’s graduating next year and maybe the academy would be a good outlet for him.

*Detective Fontane investigated the vandalism of the Apple Tree on Old Cairn ready to tear down the toilet paper over the night just to save the Tree Warden the job. When she got there the tree was apparently clear and the only occurrence out of place was a strange set of tracks or marks around the wedding arch in the festival grounds. Three sets of shoe prints and one set of dog’s footprints muddle around the grounds after cleanup had swept up the harvest woodchips. Awkwardly, the prints terminated at the arch itself, with no evidence of a turnaround. Det. Fontane states that the teenagers must have opted for a much less destructive prank and intends to thank them each for making a good choice.



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