Blue Hill Hollow

Coulter Estate Sale
Front Page in the Maine Minute

The home of Phineas D Coulter will be in open house for a week (Feb 5th – 12th) before an auction of all non-artifact property on the 13th. The house itself will be the much anticipated final item.

For additional information please contact – Lesley M. at 322-9XXX

Seasonal Headlines
By - Ben Agurne

Seasons Greetings! I have been nominated to write and say the traditional hometown song for our winter solstice celebration and supper up on Old Cairn. Hope to see everyone out of doors and bundled up!

Gure etxeko iturritik aurrera
Etxean bizi sakon zehar
Egia Egia
Egia aldaketa amaieran dator!

Season’s Greetings!

A Tape Recovered
Evidence Piece 27 from residence of Molly Portley

Message 1: Hey Molly! Its Ann. You called about the decorations we put up on Halloween? We took them all down by the 4th. Thanks for having our back on the lawn covenant reminder.

Message 2: Hi Molly, Ann is out of town right now. She is visiting her aunt in Bangor. I don’t remember having a Scarecrow up this Halloween. You might have just seen me on the ladder putting up the Christmas lights. Since it was the 11th, we had all our spooky stuff down. Talk to you later.

Message 3: Molly! You really should answer your phone. Ron said you called when I was out of town. Also honey, I know you love the decorations we put up in October but that was weeks ago. You should take yours down. Weren’t you the one who reminded us?

Message 4: Miss Portley, this is Bill Hardette. I need to remind you that moving the scarecrow around on your lawn each night does not constitute proper stowing of festive decorations after season. Please move it inside.

Message 5: Miss Portley, Bill Again. Inside did not mean in the window. The bay window being occupied by a scarecrow has cause some false alarms about peeping with the Walthers next door. Please stow the decoration before the 21st.

Message 6: Molly.. Are you ok? Wilma Walthers said she saw you driving away with another person in your car. Someone she didn’t recognize. If its a new boyfriend I would love to meet him! Later you can tell me all the… details hehe.

Message 7: Miss Portley; this is officer Montgomery. We are giving you a phone warning that a search warrant has been approved for your home. Please contact the station and this can be amended. Your lack of answer is being logged as probable cause. Please let us know you are okay.


Came by earlier, must have missed you.

Little Wately went nuts in her cage again last night. Could hear her over Bill’s drunken singing. I was told cockatiels don’t like living alone and I can’t seem to identify with the bird enough to make her happy.

Her outbursts are getting more common and the heating has been giving me grief. I am always busy in the morning when shes fluttering about the apartment. Could you ask your sister in Augusta what she does for anxious birds?

Call me later about those two Out-of-towners you met, I hope I can get them inside for a drink or two if they are living around here.


Public Safety Report - Oct 8th - Dale Montgomery Lt. - Report 100821
From the Desk of Dale Montgomery. BDG# 234191

This officers written words are sworn to be truth on risk of perjury.

*Thomas Dunlap was found out past curfew on the 7th of October behind Larrabie’s. After being questioned by Detective Fontane he said he was out with friends who had left him to go hang toilet paper on the Apple Tree at Old Cairn. He was returned to his parents and warned of the seriousness of our job. On a personal note; he’s graduating next year and maybe the academy would be a good outlet for him.

*Detective Fontane investigated the vandalism of the Apple Tree on Old Cairn ready to tear down the toilet paper over the night just to save the Tree Warden the job. When she got there the tree was apparently clear and the only occurrence out of place was a strange set of tracks or marks around the wedding arch in the festival grounds. Three sets of shoe prints and one set of dog’s footprints muddle around the grounds after cleanup had swept up the harvest woodchips. Awkwardly, the prints terminated at the arch itself, with no evidence of a turnaround. Det. Fontane states that the teenagers must have opted for a much less destructive prank and intends to thank them each for making a good choice.

Dear James,

I know you must be busy at the start of the new semester, but I thought a letter from Mom wasn’t something you could go too long without. Dad is fine and actually proud that you were “Man enough to tell him off and go after your own will”; whatever that means. He’s happy now even though the fight seemed bad in August.

I hope you tell me all about this new major when you get back. Dendrology was what your Gramps studied! Us Hosters on my side of the family have sap in our blood so they say!

The Harvest festival was more of the quiet and boring stuff I moved back here for. Except for one oddity, I think there were two out-of-towners on Old Cairn near midnight. We don’t normally see leaf-chasers at the festivals, nor out that late. Come to think of it that boy you knew from school was talking to them. Tristan, Trevor… something like that. I was thinking about it for two weeks and oddly I have forgotten his name.

I hope you stay well and find time to write back. See you Christmas; your father hopes to go fishing in Georgia to avoid the cold.

Eliza Burr
A.k.a Mom :)


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