Adamantine Hand Rewrite

This is a rewrite for the magical Fighting Style for the Adamantine Arrow.

The Merit is Purchased with a target Arcanum. EG (Adamantine Hand ‘Life’) This is only compatible with non-ritual spells of that Arcanum.

O Adamantine Arrow Status
OOO Any Fighting Styles

O – Thunder
Your unarmed strikes pierce armor spells if the same Arcana.

OO – Diamond
Once each turn you may add your Gnosis to your armor against one attack. Then lose magic armor against all other attacks.

OOO – Star
Once each turn you may roll a casting pool reflexively during a physical instant action. Use the lowest pool between the two of them for both actions. If a spell is completed during this reflexive roll it is cast normally.

OOOO – Blood
You may use your Resolve dots as an additional reflexive Yantra. You take aggravated damage equal to your Resolve when you do this. This Yantra also removes all mana costs.

OOOOO – Abyss
When you invoke paradox while in a grapple. You may have an enemy in the grapple soak the paradox within their pattern instead.

Adamantine Hand Rewrite

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