Coil of Mists

O – With Eyes Unclouded

The kindred who posses this initiation into the Coil of Mists can see when some factor or object has been changed. By merely glancing at an object, talking to a person or walking about a location the Dragon can ‘feel’ that something is off. Figuring out how it changed would require a Wits + Occult roll penalized by the number of changes back the kindred is attempting to perceive.

Scale: Misty Eyes

OO – Sensus Vaporem

Habitually altering oneself and returning to a more familiar form over and over leaves its mark on the night to night perceptions of a kindred. They know when the changes will be coming. With each wave of change the Dragon becomes more in tune with the timing of the next one. At this attainment the master of the misty coil knows exactly how long it has been since the last time the mists altered the area and can guess how soon the next one will be within a few days. The true tuning of this powers comes right before the mists roll in. The kindred knows upon waking when change will happen before the end of their next sleep.

OOO – A Standing Stone

Dragons who attain this level of the Coil of Mists are now free from the grasp of the God-Machine. They have embraced the paradoxical stasis of their condition. This attainment, allows the kindred to change subtly with the goal of staying the same. Whenever the mists effect an area, they do not effect the kindred. Memories and experiences do not change, neither to details nor personal factors.

OOOO – Mercurial Persona

When a kindred understands that everything can change at a seemingly unpredictable whim, the next logical step is to discern its pattern. To predict its changes. When a Dragon has unraveled the secret of self change to maintain sane stasis they also can push that talent to the point of shattering the mind for enlightenment. By merging the state of what their memories are with that they could be, the ascendant of mists can make incredible use of her time. Dragons with this coil rank can exchange any one mental or social merit with another of equal or lesser rating each time the mists change blue hill. The user remembers the changes but willingly embraces specific alterations brought on by the God-Machine’s plan.

Coil of Mists

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