The Founders

The Kindred of Blue Hill have maintained a presence within the Hollow for nearly as long as the mortal residents. Here is a brief history summarizing events from the foundation of the town to modern nights.

- The first kindred establish their requiems within Blue Hill Hollow shortly after the town’s foundation.

- The local Kindred, especially those of the Crone, thrive alongside a secluded and easily manipulated mortal herd.

- Practice of the first and second traditions wains as the kindred grow increasingly careless and complacent with an abundance of blood in ease of access.

- Twenty-six Kindred are put to Final Death by a group of mortal hunters in what would be remembered as the Hollow Witch Hunts.

- A small brood of Dragons survives and predominates the Kindred populace thereafter, hiding among the Kine under the practice of the Coils and reinforcement of the Traditions.

- An urban legend emerges out of patterns of recurrent and violent killings just beyond the moor of the Hollow, a creature described as a flesh-eating deer or “Wolf-Stag” by survivors of the attacks.

- Fear of a modern Hollow Witch Hunt pervades throughout the Order as the Wolf-Stag killings exacerbate and grow increasingly vampiric in nature.

The Founders

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